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Carefully crafted elements come together into one amazing illustrated product

Skrbim za svojo živalico – “I care for my animal


“Skrbim za svojo živalico”  is a collection of poems, decorated with colourful illustrations for our young ones and all other who loves animals. It serves as a guide to a healthy relationship with animals. It is an educational picture book with poems how to take care of animals and have a mindful relationship with them. It is not just for kids but for all adults who like great educational literature and colourful pictures.

The book consist of 8 poems, each equipped with a full spread of colourful illustrations. What I like the most is that each chapter  – at the end –  has a special corner for parents, with useful tips, how to properly educate their youngsters about animal care.

A collection of poems, to teach us a mindful relationship towards animals.

I could say, book is a tiny animal handbook written as a poetry, which everyone, who comes in contact with our little furry friends, should have. We should talk more about right animal care, specially  in early stages of human life, therefore these poems are designed for kids. But as we all adults sometimes loose ourselves on a path of good practice, this book can also serve us – adults.

I’ve gathered some of the photos of the book and showed my process of creating illustrations in this blog post. If you are interested more,  you can also take a moment and visit the book’s Facebook Page. The book is also available in all book store’s and you can also order it online.



The children’s novel Gindur is divided into 26 chapters and comprises approximately 150 pages of text (15 full-page illustrations). In the introduction we learn about the kingdom of Gindur, the king, his obsession and the other three main characters: Fish, Tuna, and the mysterious magician Sigurd, whom are waving magical powers.

Gindur is a world full of mystery. No stranger has ever entered it, and no one has ever left it.



It is impossible to get to the royal castle, if this king does not want people to come. As an unusual ruler the king is, he on his birthday, lowers the entrances to the labyrinth leading to the gate of the castle. The travellers must answers correctly the linguistic riddles. Sigurd  (The Magician) asks his brother’s to come in instead of him with the desire to bring him a magic potion – čarovir. This is an unknown substance, that very stinks, and it will return power to him. He also gives them some useful tips, such as, not to walk just strait, since this may lead them into vicious forests, where ancient trees grow (sequins, magnolia, monkey breads, volumes …).

The two brothers, with their pet donkey,  successfully master the riddles and in the woods gather unusual smelly things. The evil witch changes the donkey into a snake. The donkey-snake later them proves himself to be quite usefull and saves them several times from difficult situations. The unusual events and unexpected complications of the troubled three lead right to the king’s gate.

Pictures and process videos are coming soon, so stay in touch!