Bonvoyage week 2019

In April I participated in BONVOYAGE WEEK, which I was really looking forward to it. To those who know me, know I like to travel, so hen I saw this challenge I said to myself I had to join. Bonvoyage week was an art challenge happening for May 6 to 12.

Cover I made for the challenge

This time I didn’t wanna put pressure on myself with the challenge and decided  I won’t feel bad even If I manage to do only one (there were 7) of the prompt provided.

First prompt - “Souvenir”

First one up was “Souvenir”. I usually don’t buy souvenirs for myself, I just like to take bunch of photos and put them in a nice album.

Second prompt - “Adventure”

Second one was “Adventure” and the first thing that was on my mind was maps. Maps, I love maps! They always bring me joy while travelling around and seeking new adventures!

Third prompt - “Coast”

Third one was “Coast”.  I’m in love with these kind of coastal areas and wouldn’t mind to live in a lighthouse like that!

Fourth prompt - “City”

Fourth and the last of the prompts was  “City”. While travelling I try to avoid big cities and the mess the comes with them. But when I do, my number one visit spots are botanical gardens!🌱🌿🌷

I must say I really enjoyed this challenge and I was glad I didn’t put pressure on myself of doing all the prompts. I was much more relaxed this time when drawing and I think the overall result was much better than in previous art challenges.

Thank you for taking the time to read this little blog post and till next time!

Take care*


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