Character Design Studies

Hi there! It’s been quite a while since the last blog post. So let me update you a bit about my recent art adventures. I have been taking the time off and just randomly take time to draw random things that I enjoy. Since I recently just escaped the evil clutches of creative block I wanted to take it slow this time.  So I have taken time to draw more characters as I promised myself at the beginning of the year and trying different techniques so help me grow and be more self confident about my art.


So here you can find some of the character design studies and Draw this in your style challenges created in past few months that helped me study character development and draw more human figures and hands! Yes  – hand – still my biggest struggle, beside drawing feet.

Some of the attempts I made this far

Beside drawing human characters I have also tried to do some of the animal characters too. Since I love drawing animals and creatures this also a fun way of me praticing and learning how to quickly draw out some ideas and colour them.

Animal character designs

If you want to see more of them feel free to check my Instagram Account where I update more frequently and where I also share some of the process videos via My Story.

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