My Illustration promises for 2019

It’s been a while since my last post and since my last post was about me having a huge art block I wanted to make a little update about my current situation. But first of all Happy 2019. I hope year 2018 was good for you and that 2019 will bring more those lovely hours behind sketchbook (or what you like doing in those rainy days) with favourite pen in you hand, drawing freely to free you mind and soul.


So about my current situation with the worst enemy an artist can have. Yes, I am slowly dragging myself out of it, step by step, trying to salvage what I can.  With salvage I mean, trying to figure out what I like doing and what I don’t and throwing out all the garbage which is messing with my head.


I know I have always like to learn new things, so I decided to take a Schoolism class. The class is  taught by Wouter Tulp and it is about making Expressive Characters. So far I am really enjoying it and it made me realise how much I like creating stories and characters. I have a feeling that I have learned so much till now and regretting that I have done this sooner. Also Wouter is an excellent teacher and he explains everything nicely. Once I am done, I will try to share some of the illustrations I did for the course.


Secondly, I know I like to play video games so I decided, this time I will not punish myself  with words – ” just think about how many sketches could you do in this time, while wandering around in this stupid virtual world” and instead just embrace the world and try to take it as inspiration and learning. So currently wandering around in  Pokémon: Let’s Go and World of Warcraft – Battle for Azeroth Expansion.


And lastly I took part in some of the “DrawthisinyourStyle” challenges on Instagram.  I promised myslef this year I will try to do more character based illustrations and this was a perfect way how to start.

Some #Drawthisinyourstyle character illustrations

So this is it. A quick recap of how things are going and how I managed to push myself out of a creative block. Take care and see you in my next post.

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