Folktale Week 2018

So I participated in Folktale Week this year and it was fun! It followed right after the Inktober and was a nice change of scenery. Going back to digital and colour after a whole month of black and white inking was a bliss.  I am so happy and grateful that people still find the time to create such fun and exciting challenges and make us want to draw more on daily basis.

What is Folktale Week

In wise words of the authors “this challenge was created to encourage artists from all around the world to share stories and explore character creation and visual storytelling. We want to see your bewitching characters and dreamy scenes!”  The week lasted from 12th till 18th of November. The prompt list was know in advance so we could actually prepare some of the illustrations before hand. All we had to do is find some folktales on a specific topic and illustrate them. There were no specific rules, and you could follow on any medium you like.

Slovenian Folktales

I decided I will try to illustrate some of the Slovenian Folktales. As a small nation we have quite a few of them. Many of them follow the same red line, but some of the are quite interesting and a had fun reading them.  Only thing I regret of not having enough time to visit the local library and dig some of the books up, just to have some sort of an inspirational boost.

You can check all of the illustrations and the stories I picked on my Instagram Account. At the end I would like to say thanks to many incredible artists that came together to make this challenge possible. Be sure to check out their profiles. @jennifermpotter, @devonholzwarth, @sinulee, @carolinebonnemuller, @sofiamoore_studio, @heycasshey, @rachaelschaferdesigns, @sandiesonke, @debrastyer, @laure_illustrations @louve.draws, @matejalukezic, @shelly_laslo, @tanja_stephani

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