So this happened – Art Block

I know this things happen all the time and usually they are a good thing. They only mean that I am  learning and advancing in your creative path. But damn, this time it just doesn’t want to go away! Phew and it is exhausting. Exhausting to the point when I can’t even look at my drawing tablet or computer and just want to stare at a blank screen.

I have tried everything!

Yes I have tried everything. Usually these artblocks,  they were small, and passed quickly. Usually it helped just to have a tiny little break from everything and do something completely different. Heck, it even helped to go and paint traditional with some watercolours.  But this time it doesn’t go away. I have tried my usual tricks  – going off the social media, playing games for several days, cleaning, cleaning,  cleaning my disc space on computer and deleting all of the unnecessary files. Going back through some old art files and sketches, just to see me improving and growing. And nothing helps. Even going out in the nature does not help and this always helped.

This is one of my oldest illustration of a cute little ninja panda character designs I made. Isn’t he cute as hell?

Everything looks plain and boring

I feel like my technique is failing me, that I am not improving at all. Every illustration looks the same, boring and plain. I feel like I need to change something in my process of drawing. Or just to loosen up and paint like I have always done it. I am just afraid it won’t go away, and it will prevent me from drawing ever again. Agrhh, it is the worst feeling ever and I hope it goes away soon.

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