Inktober 2018 – InkedHouses

Tried Inktober 🎨✒️ this year and I managed to do all of them. I think this was my all time record of consecutive daily drawings (current one was Christmas Advent Calendar Challenge with 25 daily drawings). I was following official Jake Parker’s promp list, with a side theme of “houses”. You can check all of the drawings I made at my Instagram Account @katjapotokar.

Why Houses?

I knew I needed a specific side topic, since the original list was to general for me. I knew from the previous year that I need some kind of a red line for all my drawings to keep me going and not to spend all of my time finding what to draw. For previous months I really struggled drawing houses and decided I want to improve on that, so why not try it with this year’s Inktober.

My process

Process behind the drawing was pretty simple. I used my Ipad and Procreate to sketch the rough drawings of the prompts. Yes I did these tiny sketches in advance, so I wasn’t using my precious time when actually inking the topic on the specific day. After the digital sketch I roughly did a pencil drawing in my sketchbook which I inked with Pigma Micron Pens and Copic Markers.

It was really relaxing to do some art the old traditional way. I usually paint digitaly so this was a nice change of scenery. My feed pretty much turned totally monochromatic, but I am pretty happy with the result.  Beside now I have bunch of topics which I can use and paint them digitally and add some colour to it.

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