Roadtrip Scotland – Part 2 – Island of Sky

Our next destination was Island of Sky and we were really looking forward to see it. Now, after being home, I can say it was one of our highlights of the trip, but not the best one. The best one was Nothern Highlands. Now even at home, I recommend everyone to skip the south and go north as far as possible. Although we were very unfortunate with the weather, we still managed to see quite a lot. When we arrived it was raining and foggy all over. We decided that we postopne the sightseeing till next day and instead go and visit the famous Talisker Distillery. 

Claigan Coral Beach

Next day we headed to the Claigan Coral Beach. The skies cleared up and we packed our backpacks with snacks and food and walked our way to the beach. The walk takes about and hour in one direction and the track is pretty well kept. You get a nice panoramic view with a light sea breeze. We were there  on Sunday so it got pretty crowded, specially the parking lot.

Niest Point Lighthouse

After a nice walk we headed forward to our next stop which was Niest Point Lighthouse.  The place was magical. We struggled a bit with the drive, since single lane with a lot of big caravans heading in the opposite direction can be quite challenging. But at the end it was worth it. We parked a bit away, since the parking lot was full. We were quite surprised how many people visit this place and even with big caravans, when there is close to no space to park there.

We finished the day driving north of the Sky Island and enjoying the beautiful sunset over the cliffs. The nature here is just stunning. Maybe because it is different from our home, but everything gives that tranquil feeling of  calm and piece. I wish I could describe everything but all I can say it is definitely worth the visit, even for a very brief time.

It is good to just drive around and avoid the touristy places, since there is so much more around the whole Island. At the end we were pretty unfortunate with the weather (foggy and rainy – the usual Scotland weather), so we decided not to go on a hike to The Old Man of Storr  and continue our journey to the Northern Highlands.

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