Roadtrip Scotland – Part 1

It’s been on our bucket list for too long and therefore we were really excited to finally go there. Again we didn’t want to go there by plane, since we quite enjoyed the freedom we had last year while travelling through Sweden and Norway.  We knew that the trip would be a bit tricky, specially because of the left side driving regulations there, but we were confident that would be much easier for us than renting the car. Again we decided to go there in August, mostly to escape the summer heat we usually have in our country at this time of the year and hopefully nice, not so rainy weather in Scotland.

Caerlaverock Castle and Natural Reserve

Our first stop was Caerlaverock Castle. Located and surrounded by nice english countryside with lots of small farms and barns. At the castle there is a small shop and a cafe. The overall feel there is very relaxing with very little people that come visit. After a quick break at the castle we also went for a nice walk through the national reserve which surrounds the castle. The path is well kept and leads you through lush local vegetation and offers fabulous view of the marshes.

Threave Castle

Next stop was another castle and by far this one was my favourite one.  Threave Castle is a tiny little castle located on the island of River Dee. There is a short walk through the fields and forests to get to the little boat which takes you across a very short stretch of water to the island on which the castle stands.  The castle  is only accessible by boat, which gives it additional charm.

Our path continued to Loch Lomond National Park, through village Tarbet to Inveraray.


Here we stopped for tea and some nice apple pie and strolled a bit around the town. The whole town was very laid back and  it was really nice just to sit on the park benches and relax.

Our goal that day was to arrive to Oban, where we agreed to stay for a couple of nights and take the day trips to the nearest islands of Mull, Iona and Staffa.


In Oban we took a Day trip to Isle of Mull, Iona and Staffa. Day trip I would highly recommend for everyone visiting places around Oban. The trip cost around 45€ and you get to visit three islands. First you depart by ferry to Mull. From Mull you get a nice guided bus ride through the island. The bus ride is very scenic and it take aprox. about an hour. After the bus ride, they take you on a small boat to Island Staffa, where you have the time to enjoy the beautiful volcanic creations in the middle of the sea. I would not recommend the trip if you are very likely to be see sick, since the ride can be quite bumpy. After Staffa you get a ride to a beautiful Island Iona, where you have time for lunch and exploring.  Iona was my favourite, since it was so calming and laid back. The water was crystal clear and the sheep roamed freely around the whole island. We also went there for lunch in the local restaurant we ate mussels. They were delicious.  In the evening you get a boat ride back to Mull and bus back to Oban. 

Glenfinnan Viaduct, Loch Ness and Eilean Donan Castle

After Oban we head forward to the famous Sky Island. But first we took a quick stop at Glenfinnan Viaduct or the so called “Harry Potter Bridge”, drove by Loch Ness and took a lunch break at Eilean Donan Castle.

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