Illustrating a kids book “Skrbim za svojo živalico”

Every little one has once been stubborn about wanting a puppy.  Or cried with tears of crocodile when his hamster died. Or tarnished when it was necessary to clean the cat’s toilet. Skrbim za svojo živalico  – “I care for my animal” is a collection of children’s songs that talk about such and similar situations that many family members meet.

The purpose of the book is to create a sense of responsibility for pets and animals in a playful way in children’s minds. The songs are painted with colourful illustrations that make the songs even more enjoyable. At the end of each one you will find also an advice corner dedicated for parents. The book consists of 54 pages and  it has a hard binding.


I could say, book is a tiny animal handbook written as a poetry, which everyone, who comes in contact with our little furry friends, should have. We should talk more about right animal care, specially  in early stages of human life, therefore these poems are designed for kids. But as we all adults sometimes loose ourselves on a path of good practice, this book can also serve us – adults.


“Skrbim za svojo živalico”  is a collection of poems, decorated with colourful illustrations for our young ones and all other who loves animals. It serves as a guide to a healthy relationship with animals. It is an educational picture book with poems how to take care of animals and have a mindful relationship with them. It is not just for kids but for all adults who like great educational literature and colourful pictures.


A collection of poems, to teach us a mindful relationship towards animals.

I’ve gathered some of the photos of the book and showed my process of creating illustrations in this blog post. If you are interested more,  you can also take a moment and visit the book’s Facebook Page. The book is also available in all book store and you can also order it online.

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