Roadtrip Sweden And Norway – Part 3

After Lærdal we visited the Borgund Stave Church which is situated just a few kilometres away from Lærdal.  We didn’t took the main road, instead we choose more scenic and less crowded side road. Borgund Stave Church was built sometime between 1180 and 1250 AD and it still amazes me how well it is preserved. The nearby graveyard will all the gravestones gives it even more magnificent sight. And to be honest I was expecting to be a bit bigger, or just because all churches we have here in Slovenia are so big.

Borgund and Lærdal


Our road to Lillehammer, finally with some pine trees!


In the distance you can spot our perfect house – with a dock and a boat. Oh and the view when you wake up!



And here it is our final destination, before we headed back home – Lillehammer. We arrived here pretty late and just went to rest. Next day we visited the Olympic sites and walked a bit around. We were surprised how well all the structures are still well preserved and still used, but not just sport teams, that arrive here to practice, but also by locals for recreational use.


We didn’t know how much time it will take us to arrive in Oslo, since it was Monday that day, and we heard that traffic can be quite bad. So we continued our voyage back. On our way back we stopped at Oslo ( we don’t like big cities, so we didn’t plan that much time there), Strömstad (yay Sweden – we stayed here for a couple of days in a camp and relax), Göteborg (our still favourite of all cities we visited), Lund, passed MalmoKøbenhavnFrederiksborg castle (which was great and we spent the whole day there), Roskilde (great open Viking museum, where you can craft your own viking ship!), Jelling and Ribe.

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