Roadtrip Sweden And Norway – Part 2

After travelling through the vast forest of Sweden is was time to change the scenery. We drove down from the mountains of NP Abisko to a huge port of Narvik and continued our way to the islands on the north. Our first destination (and the most northern before headed to Lofoten) was Andenes. A small, tranquil town full of arctic birds nesting there. Weather was perfect. Sunny with a very few clouds on the sky.We walked around the town a bit and at the evening decided to take a boat trip to see the Puffins. Since in the summer the days up north are quite long we also manged to drive to nearest village Bleik.

Andenes and Bleik


Next day we continued our ride to the other islands. Weather changes really quickly here and we were lucky that the fog lifted just when we reach the central islands. Pictures just don’t do the justice here. Playful dance of fog and sun rays made a spectacular scenery. Roads were empty and where were able to stop pretty much anywhere and take photos. It was warm that day and we were happy that the highlight of our trip wasn’t covered with rain and fog. Our final destination was village Å in the far west of the island’s archipelago.



After the islands we headed back to the mountains, searching for “real” fjords. We crossed again the Artic Circle, stopped to see city Trondheim and took one last ride between the arctic island on the Atlantic Ocean Road . I must say Trondheim was far the best city we visited.


Atlantic Ocean Road was more touristy than we expected. Hence, some placed were more crowded than on the Lofoten. But we were lucky with the weather. Clear blue sky with a touch of clouds to make the views spectacular. There are some stops available where you can park your car and take a nice walk along the beach.

Atlantic Ocean Road


After the walk we decided that it was time for a lunch. This time we found a perfect spot by the beach. The weather was warm, a but windy but we managed to make ourselves a nice meal.


Åndalsnes and Trollstigen

As soon as we left he northern shores and headed to mainlands the weather got worse and worse. Our next destination was Åndalsnes a mountaineering capital. We wanted to see  the national tourist route Trollstigen and the mighty vertical rock Trollveggen.


Jotunheimen – Home Of The Giants

Jotunheimen – you have absolutely blown us away. I know we come from a county well know of it’s beautiful mountains and waterfalls so we thought this one will be just another “ordinary sight” on our trip.  But the barren hills, empty roads, mystical fogy weather and snowy mountains rising from the clouds made the views spectacular.


We didn’t plan to spend the night up in the mounting since it was a bit to cold to sleep in the car. So instead we drove a but longer ( there was still daylight at 10pm) till we reached a nice fjord valley, near Skjolden. Next day we woke up into a beautiful  sunny day and continued our way to Bergen. There we visited a local fish market and walked  between the old city – Bryggen.  By the afternoon it started to rain so, we decided to we move on and head our way to our next top destination – Flåm.




They say Flåm area is a paradise for those who seek unique and spectacular experiences in nature. It is surrounded by steep mountains, thundering waterfalls and narrow valleys. We entered Flåm area through Gudvangen. We liked Gudvangen more, since it wasn’t that touristy. They had nice opportunities for kayaking and other sport activities. Moving forward to our destination, we uncovered another hidden gem of Norway – a village called Undredal. Undredal is famous for the brown goat cheese (geitost) that is still produced the traditional way. Prior to 1988, Undredal was only accessible by boat. We made a quick coffee stop and enjoyed the spectacular view.


We reached Flåm by noon. We were hoping to spend here a bit more time than we did, but it was really crowded and with no proper places to sit and have lunch. So we went to see the train museum and stroll a bit round the village, but since the weather was so nice, we didn’t want to spend it inside so we moved forward ( more like upward) to Lærdal. We didn’t take the usual route through the tunnel, but went above it, through the Aurland to Lærdal.

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