Roadtrip Bosna and Hercegovina

Last year around the spring break (end of April) we decided to take a quick roadtrip to Bosna nad Hercegovina. We were really eager to visit this country since (despite living fairly close) we both have been here only once and for a day or two. We didn’t plan to visit the  only cities, but to focus more on the nature aspect of the whole country.  We know that this part of the Europe is rich in water and forest so we challenged ourselves to seek this part of the country’s hidden gem.


Our first stop was Jajce, where we went to see Plivski Vodopad – a waterfall of Pliva river and walked around the old town. Jajce is a small town and can be easily  explored on foot and is surrounded by forest and nice pathways.

After that we headed west from Jajce to see the Plivsko Lake and the famous old mills that were build there. The place there offers a nice a nice escape for local people  from nearby cities to just relax by the lake and have a nice piknik in the nature. The mills a quite scenic to and they look like a cluster of little wooden huts, spread out, because of the flow of the water is also scattered around.


Next stop was Travnik, also a small town with rich culture and also full of water. The old town is famous for its small restaurants around the cascading river.

It was getting pretty late and we wanted to reach city Sarajevo by daylight, so we headed forward. Next day we spent in Sarajevo, exploring the old town and tasting all the delicious food.


After Sarajevo we continued our trip along side river Neretva to our next destination  Mostar. The town is famous for it’s picturesque old bridge over the river Neretva. The old town is covered with  cobbled streets and surrounded with small shops and restaurants.


While staying in Mostar we also made a day trip to Blagaj and see the majestic spring of river Buna. I’ve been to Blagaj several times, but I have never seen so much water pouring out of the spring and flooding everything around it. If you are looking for more peaceful and less crowded place, than Blagaj is definitely the place.


After Mostar we drove south to visit Počitelj, which was my highlight of the whole trip. Počitelj is one of the pretties village in the region. It is situated beside the river Neretva and above there is a majestic fort, which rises overlooking the village and the whole Neretva valley. Today it is protected by UNESCO.

We took a quick break after Počitelj at National park Hutovo Blato, where we went for a lunch and coffee. The park offers quite a few activities for everyone to enjoy and you can easily spend a whole day there. After lunch we conitnued our trip to our next destination – Waterfal Kravica.

Waterfall Kravica

Waterfall Kravica is a waterfall on Trebižat river and it’s under the country’s protection as a natural rarity. The water cascading over creates an amphitheater of waterfalls which makes a spectacular view. Locals call this phenomena a “oasis in stone”. Again there was a lot of water at that time and some of the parts were flooded. But that didn’t push all the tourists and locals away. Despite the low temperatures, but fairly nice weather, people went also for a swim.

After Waterfall Kravice we had one destination that we wanted to see before going back home. It was getting pretty late that day so we took a break at one of the local hotels and continued our trip the next day.  The path lead us along side the Croatian border to the National Park Una – where we went to see another water phenomena  – Waterfall Štrbački Buk.

Waterfall Štrbački Buk

Waterfall Štrbački buk is located on river Una, right on the border with Croatia. It is truly an amazing nature phenomenon and unforgettable experience but the only downside is the road which leads to it, which is in a really bad shape. Again the amount of water pouring down the cascades was unimaginable. The place offers also a lot of spaces to make yourself lunch and just enjoy in the nature.

We were lucky with the weather, lucky with the roads and managed to get ourselves out of the big cities and just enjoy the nature that country has to offer. We will definitely come here again in next few years and explore more.

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